WildigMusic was formed in 2007 by Martin Wildig to promote various musical projects that he, along with several friends, were involved with. Those projects are...

The musicians who perform are....

Martin Wildig Martin Wildig (Melodeon, Fiddle)Phil Preen Phil Preen (Tin Whistle, Concertina, Percussion)
Neil Cadwallader Neil Cadwallader (Bass, Guitar)Colin Keefe Colin Keefe (Guitar)
John Buckley John Buckley (Guitar) 

    The Bang On The Wall BandA ceilidh, barn dance or country dance (different names for the same thing) is ideal for family parties such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, as it is great fun for all the family. Country dancing is also ideal for a charity fund-raising event or for your office party. No prior dancing experience is necessary as all the dances are called, and the caller will explain all the dances in detail, and ensure that everyone has great fun no matter how many right and left feet you may have.

    The Bang On The Wall Band consists of Martin Wildig on lead melodeon, Phil Preen on percussion and tin whistle, Neil Cadwallader on Bass and Colin Keefe on Guitar. The band play mostly traditional English, Scottish, Irish and American tunes, but you may hear the occasional tune from mainland Europe or Scandinavia, and also modern tunes composed by a band member or friend of the band.

    The band work with a number of experienced professional callers, who can guarantee a great time is had by all, whether you are expert folk- dancers, or a group of family and friends just out for a great evening's entertainment.

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